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Our cat, Bella has been on a weird schedule lately, wanting to go outside during the night.  I went to the french doors in the family room to call Bella to see if she wanted to come in before we went to bed.  I called out “Bella, here kitty, kitty”.  To my surprise a fox came running across the deck in my direction,  I quickly closed the door and the fox stood there outside and looked at me.  Perhaps he was as confused as I was.  It totally reminded me of the eye glasses commercial where the woman calls the cat into the house, only it is a raccoon that comes inside.  I know we welcome pets at our home, but this was ridiculous!  Perhaps I should look up “fox” to see what that signifies…

I have always been a dog lover.  Suzy was my faithful canine childhood companion.  Suzy walked me to the bus stop and greeted me upon my return at the end of the school day.  She and I spent adventurous summers together at my grandparents’ mountain cabin nestled in the forest.  More recently I have totally loved our two friendly dalmatians: Zepppelin and Hendrix. Yes, my daughter named them after Led Zeppelin and Jimi Hendrix.  Life was never dull with Zep and Hen!  

But now I find myself without a dog and trying to decide how long to wait before getting another one one.  In the meantime, a skinny black kitten has come timidly to our door.  I put out some table scraps and she gobbled them down.  I wondered if she strayed off from one of the neighbors down the road or was she dropped off, or got lost?  Well, skinny kitten has  filled out in the last month and her coat is a beautiful shiny black.  So, she’s Bella.  It’s funny how a cat can  adopt people.  She was certain that this was the right place with the right people.  So, there hasn’t been a decision to make about getting another animal because Bella found Stella!