My father-in-law was a retired contractor who really knew his business,  He, Dewey, and my mother-in-law-, Bernice, lived some sixty miles away and they volunteered to supervise the remodeling and addition to the house.  When I protested that it would be too far for them to commutes, they informed me that they would move in with us until the job was finished.  They were great people.  But, I don’t think that any of us realized at the time how hair-raising the whole business would be, nor how long it would take.

The kitchen remodeling was one of the first things that we tackled.  My husband and I went to a reputable cabinet shop with our plans and went over them with the owner.  We decided on a Birdseye maple wood and when the cabinets were finished he would call us.  Then we could simply tear out the old cabinets and replace them with the new ones immediately.  This sounded quite simple to me, and couldn’t inconvenience us too much in the process.

Well, on the day that the workmen were to start on the kitchen, I came home from work, found a canvas covering the doorway into the kitchen.  Now from my previous experience with canvas, I was naturally leery.  I whisked back the canvas and stepped down to the kitchen just as a warning scream hit me.  When I say that I went down into the kitchen, that is exactly what I did.  As I raised up, I looked up in wonderment, not quite believing what I saw.  The ceiling was gone as were the inside walls, the windows had all vanished, and naturally the floor had been taken out to complete the picture.  My sprained ankle testified to the latter.  I had expected the cupboards to be missing until they were easily replaced, but all this?  It was Unbelievable.

In all fairness, to everyone concerned, we had discussed how advantageous it would be to have more aesthetically placed windows in the kitchen and if we were to change the windows, we might as well have them all bigger than the previous ones.  The walls had to be torn out to replace the antiquated wiring that would be totally inadequate for our modern kitchen.  And the floor?  Well it had to be checked for termites, was found to be weak anyway, so naturally it came out too.