A swimming pool.

Image via WikipediaDorothy and Ted were settled in their "dream house". But some one - time unexpected funds become available. How will they use the found money?

Dorothy and Ted were settled in their “dream house”.  But some one – time unexpected funds become available.  How will they use the found money?


“One year we found that we would receive a large amount of federal tax refund, due to the selling of a house in town for a loss.  We had to decide what we were going to do with all that money.  We desperately needed the new addition to the house.  Ted and I were sleeping on the hide-a-bed couch in the living room.  We discussed all of the things on which we could spend the money.  All sorts of possibilities popped into our heads.  Being practical and organized people, we listed all of the things that the money could be used for.  And being so practical and organized, we narrowed the selection down to two distinct possibilities.  Number one, of course, remained the addition to the house.  Number two, was the building of a nice swimming pool.  We finally reached the inevitable conclusion that we could always find enough money to add on to the house, but we wouldn’t always find money for the building of a swimming pool.  And, of course, we would always be able to enjoy the pool, from the day of completion, on.  How is that for being practical, systematic, and organized?

We built a lovely swimming pool that was slightly elevated for natural flow into the orchard for irrigation, thus avoiding the high property tax that accompanies swimming pools.  It was called a reservoir, but it still was a lovely swimming pool with nice decking around it and a patio built of redwood strips and exposed aggregate between these strips.  Swimming daily from March through October in Central California made this a truly great investment, from a standpoint of health and leisure time activities. A beautiful huge Cottonwood tree gave shade on some section of the patio all day long.  This tree was a nuisance in that it constantly dropped leaves in the pool, but the grandeur of that beautifully shaped old tree gave me a sense of permanence, my touch with immortality, and gave shade to boot.”