Ducks amongst other poultry

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Dorothy had a real love of animals and the ducks added to her collection of screwballs…

“My nephews, Poncho and John, went to the Fresno District Fair, and much to my sister Jackie’s consternation, won two baby ducks.  They had no room or facilities for them so the most obvious solution would be to make a gift of them to Aunt Dorothy.  Well, being me, I took one look at the little darlings and received them with open arms.  These animals also weren’t quite normal, in the usual sense, but, by now, I more or less accepted this with my animals.  The ducks loved to go into the kitchen, stand by the refrigerator and wait for Stella to give them some milk.  They didn’t know that ducks do not drink milk.  They also did not know that ducks did not sleep with seven year-old girls (under covers yet) until I caught them one night and made them sleep outside.

The very worst problem that I had to face with those screwball ducks was their absolute hatred of water.  They were supposed to be white ducks, but were seldom clean enough to deserve that title.  The only way I could force them into the water was to toss frozen peas, which they loved, into their pond.  They would go into the water after the peas with the same type of attitude you might expect from a cat.  If I threw in enough peas, they would be fairly clean for a little while.  Then the pea episode would have to be repeated.  Anyone watching this process would probably shake his head in disbelief.”