Dorothy feels awful that she stepped on one of the baby chicks.  Half Chick becomes a beloved pet…

“Half Chick became housebroke at an early age, loved to watch TV with us, and his favorite pastime of all to ride in the car with me, perched on my shoulder.  He, in time, became a huge and beautiful White Leghorn.  His head healed nicely, although only half of it was there.  The skin grew around the crushed side of his head, although he never grew feathers there.  Incidentally, we named him Half-Chick upon his ability to outlive that terrible accident.  He had the choicest of food and received the best of care.

One day I was driving down the freeway with the half-chick perched in his usual position on my shoulder.  A telltale red light came on in back of me.  My first question was the usual as I pulled over and stopped for the highway patrolman.  “What did I do wrong, officer?” was my unoriginal question.  “Nothing”, was his response, “I just wanted to find out what kind of creature you had perched on your shoulder.”  And looking, I could see that he still wasn’t sure.  “It’s a White Leghorn,” I stated proudly.  He shook his head slowly as he went back to his vehicle.  I drove on.”