Perhaps Ted and Dorothy should give up looking for their dream house…

“The next morning my husband Ted went drearily back to his city job with a resigned air that all but broke my heart.  I sighed and sat down with my second cup of coffee and the morning paper.  Without any conscious thought on my part, I automatically opened the paper to the Real Estate ads and began reading them listlessly.  Suddenly an ad caught my eye.  It ran something like this: “For sale, five acres of pasture with small ranch house with plans for addition, landscaped with fruit and olive trees, two deep wells with lots of water, close to town, but lots of privacy, price $7500.

Needless to say, and completely forgetting our resolve of the night before, I rushed to the phone to call the Realtor.  I made an appointment for him to pick me up in half an hour to view the place.  This gave me time to call him back to cancel the appointment, because I knew that this would be just one more disappointment to take.  I finally reached for the phone and called the Realtor’s office, but he had already left to pick me up.  The only courteous thing for me to do was smile as he pulled up in front and get into the car for one more disappointing ride into the country.  I had visions of that lousy five acres and of what it would consist.  Putting it all into a nutshell, I knew that it would be a five acre gloried garbage dump.  It seemed to take an eternity to arrive at the place that first day, with the ultimate turn-off from the paved road.  Yet, this time the rutted dirt road looked as though a car could disappear in the holes and never more be seen.  I smiled at this thought and the Real estate agent caught it and stated “It is a bit bumpy along here” and I agreed with him.  I thought that the place would really the crowning glory of all the rat holes that we had visited in our quest for our farm. I felt rather sorry for the poor salesman who had wasted his time and gasoline on this wild goose chase.

Then quite suddenly, we were turning into a lovely circular drive and viewing a darling little ranch-style house that had a broad expanse of lawn with giant cottonwood trees fringing it.  I grew excited at the sight, but maintained myself , thinking how bad the interior might be,  We knocked at the door and it was opened by a classmate of mine from high school, named Lou.