My mother, Dorothy, had a wonderful sense of humor and saw things with such an interesting twist. She was a special education teacher and loved to write.  I knew that she had been putting together some of our life stories to share with others. But, it was not until after she had passed on that I found her “manuscript” in a box of her possessions, stored away in the basement.  As I began to read her binder of writings I saw that she had dedicated her “book” to me, Stella, by saying “without whom its writing would have been impossible”.

That brought the tears to my eyes and again now as I type this.  I mentioned to some family members that I wanted to put on computer her touching and humorous accounting of life in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  They said it would mean a lot to them and it would be a fun perspective to read what Dorothy had put into words.  So I am going to share bits of her thoughts on this blog, transferring her typing on easy-erasable sheets of paper to the technology world of blogging.  I hope family and friends will enjoy episodes from what I am calling “Life on Maple Avenue…the Country Life”.