As promised, here is the premiere of “Life on Maple Avenue“. My mother, Dorothy Pierini, is the author sharing about her life in the country…

“Everyone has his own dream of Utopia, going native at a distant leisurely Pacific isle, or leaving for safari in the wilds of Africa, or the adventuring in outer space.  My dream did not seem as fantastic, far out, far-fetched as any of the above, but it did run into difficulty when it began to become a reality.

My dream involved a move from the hustle and bustle of city life into a rural atmosphere with “back to nature or “back to the farm” syndrome.  This dream was sitting on an unbalanced and extremely short shoestring.

My husband and I felt that “the country” was the ideal place to raise children, and we wanted lots of them.  We also dreamed of our own cow for milk, growing our own beef, raising our own chickens, and gathering our own eggs (that the chickens obligingly laid for us).

This dream came from two city dudes, whose only experience with farms was limited to fieldtrips taken in elementary school.  We learned, fast or slow, according to the nature of the lesson involved, but learn we did.  Many of our lessons came the hard way, unfortunately.

The first step in initiating our dream was to acquire the land with a livable house on it.  This, with so many later steps, seemed quite practical and realistic, and above all, simple.  Right?  Wrong!  We looked, poked, pestered, and probed with various Real Estate agents as we looked for our dream farm.  Every weekend we aimlessly drove through various farmlands, feeling that the right place would loom up in front of us with a huge “for sale” sign on it, requiring only minimum down payment and accompanying low asking price.  Needless to say, this went on for a year before we finally decided one weary Sunday afternoon that “never the twain shall meet”, between what we wanted at the price we could afford.  That evening we resigned ourselves to forever being chained to the city and raise children in total ignorance of pure air, fresh vegetables, sliding down haystacks, etc.  Our hopes were shattered forever.”