As I was watching the ABC Good Morning America program today one of their previews for the week was “Living the Dream”.  Each of the broadcasters will have a clip on their own “living the dream” which will be aired throughout this week. Robin Roberts is going to be the pace car driver  for an upcoming race.

This all made me think about my own version of “Living the Dream”.  My own version is just starting to unfold and how exciting for me.  I recently “retired” from being a professional educator for 38 years which was a wonderful and fulfilling career.  And now I am just starting to see so many opportunities and new adventures for my life.  When I was working I certainly did not close my self off to adventure but the reality of day-to-day work limited my vision of what else might be for me.  So, this morning even just seeing the TV program on “Living the Dream” has inspired me to pull up on the computer my safely stored self- written Bucket List that I have been adding to for years.  I can hardly wait to see what my priorities are now!  Watch out world, here I come!