I recently was at a repair shop where I have done business for years.  While seated in the waiting area the owner came over to me and said hello.  He told me about his divorce and having to sell off of some of his homes and man toys. I listened politely and murmured a few sympathetic comments. Then, with a big grin and great enthusiasm he announced to me that he was taking a male enhancement drug.  This seemed to be the middle-aged male come-on straight from TV land.  All I could think of was this fellow sitting in an outdoor bathtub holding hands with some woman also sitting in a bathtub as they both gazed off into the distance towards the rural setting. I mean I really had to fight hard not to laugh right out loud.  I just said “All righty now” and moved away.  Yuk!  Apparently this man thought he was really with-it to make this statement. TV unreality had become his reality.  The problem is now when I think about going to the repair shop I mentally picture the man in the bathtub!  This is not a pretty picture to associate with repairs. What needs to be repaired is this man’s manners. “Shop talk”  has also taken on a whole new meaning for me.