My husband loves gadgets.  And more than that he loves a good bargain.  He recently purchased a sew-on button  type of gadget.  He was so proud to receive the package yesterday.  He happily got out the shirt needing a button replacement and sat comfortably in his recliner.  He opened the packaging and saw there were no included buttons.  That realization brought the first smile to my face.  I went to my sewing kit and got him a button.  Next he read all the directions and “assembled” the product.  Then he sweetly asked me which way would be considered holding the needle “convex” or which way would be “concave”.  Asking for a dictionary brought a giggled response from me.  Now I was sucked into the helping hand strikes again routine.  Well, we could try it both ways.  Then he realized there was no thread.  Well, how can it sew on a button without thread? He showed me the torn-out picture advertisement  from a magazine.  The ad proclaimed “800 FREE fasteners”.  When I asked about the fasteners he quickly checked the discarded wrapping.  Indeed there were fasteners included.  There were things that looked like plastic staples. Another giggle popped out of my mouth.

So now he’s assembled the product, has  his shirt, a button, and the 800 fasteners. He’s set.  Ready? And …it fails.  He tries again.  All we hear is a stapling sound without a fastener doing it’s job. The tears are starting to flow down my face with the belly laughter I’m now letting go.  He asks me to try it.  After rechecking the fuzzy photo directions I attempt to fasten the button.  We are now well into 45 minutes of effort. I give the gadget a try…nope. It doesn’t work.  Now I too become determined.  After reassembling the parts, we have a successful stapling!  At this point the situation becomes hilarious.  The button is indeed fastened, however it looks like the plastic holder of a price tag is hanging from the button.  I cheerily tell him that this could be a conversation maker and then die laughing.  The button is loose and  hanging and it has this plastic sticking sticking out from it.  At this time, he also chimes in with his laughter and puts the gadget back in the wrapping.  I ask…”Hey, what that other thing in there?” With his best TV announcing voice he says: “But wait, you’ll not only get one for $19.99, you’ll get two for the price of one!” We both give another huge laugh, definitely adding to my laugh lines.

I picked up the bag with the gadgets and announced that I would put the sew-on button devices down in the basement in the box containing the two “automatic” hemming-made-easy gadgets my mother had purchased and handed down to me. Then my husband remembers…the magazine ad said it could do hemming too!  I need to go now and apply some firming, anti-winkle cream to my face that I bought from a magazine ad…