I was overcome today with a dazzling and irresistible outdoor display of lovely little spring plants. Every herb you could think of, every early planting for a vegetable garden- all in front of the local Raley’s grocery store.  Who could miss them?  Not me, that’s for sure!  I went inside the store and brought out a large grocery cart, not to fill with food, but to be loaded with plantings of  zesty peppers, Celebrity tomatoes, Better Boy tomatoes (If they survive I’ll walk by them and say “Good Better Boy!”), green zucchini squash, and Black Beauty eggplant (the size of a horse?).  Then I saw the herb collection.  I decided I really must get catnip for Bella, oregano is needed for the spaghetti sauce, chives must be bought for the upcoming baked potatoes and rosemary herb bread is soooo delicious.  Thyme just rounded out my purchasing fling.  There was barely enough room left in the cart for the actual food to take home for the upcoming week!

Next I zipped into Rite Aid to make a quick purchase and the colorful seed pack display stands were practically tripping me in the aisle.  Seed packets! I never buy seed packets since I’m rather impatient with planting.  I love to see immediate visible results.  But those lovely Ferry Morse “Guaranteed to Grow” seed packs reached out to me.  Yes, I actually studied the garden plan in very tiny print on the back of the packets.  I ended up buying Mammouth Sunflowers, Home-Grown Birdfeed, to place at the back of the garden area. (My friend Doug in Carson City is a pro at growing gorgeous sunflowers).  I did not know that this is the Kansas state flower. There sure is a lot of information detailed out on those packets! Next in size are the State Fair, Mixed Color Zinnias. (Having grown up in the San Joaquin Valley, bright color zinnias just say summer to me). Beside these annuals are the Jewel Nasturtiums with a Delightful Fragrance.  And in the very front of the garden are the Royal Carpet Alyssum in a deep purple color. Now to try and follow the garden plan drawing in my backyard.

I have come home full of energy and planted my precious little herb plants in bright outdoor pots to be placed together close to the house for easy watering and protection from critters. (The squirrels are laughing as I type this.) And now unbelievably I have placed in the ground, per the directions, all the small flower seeds and as a result, I have such a feeling of satisfaction and anticipation! I believe my next step is to decide the best place for the vegetable garden… Hmmm… I’ll keep you updated on the progress.